About Huarui

      Qingdao Huarui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Qingdao Huarui) was founded in March 2001.
      The company possesses three wholly owned subsidiaries, Qingdao Huaruifeng Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Huaruifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Furunde Automotive Brake System Co., Ltd. The company is a high-tech company focusing on R&D, production and sales of automotive brake systems and parts. Meanwhile, the company owns many technologies research and innovation platforms including a provincial-level technical center, municipal-level innovative workstation and municipal-level vehicle chassis integrated innovation experts workstation. Currently the company’s main businesses include three categories of products, namely automotive braking systems and parts, axle assembly and parts, and car frame parts, and can provide support services such as parts processing and assembly for the mini cars, medium and heavy trucks, large and medium passenger vehicles and other cars.

      The company’s product output and sales volume come out top among counterparts in Shandong Province, with the marketing range covering not only famous major domestic automobile manufacturers and their first-tier suppliers, but also North America and other overseas markets.

      The products are mainly sold to complete vehicle manufacturers represented by Baic Motor, Dongfeng Kama JAC Anchi, Chang'an Automobile and Lovol, and the first-tier suppliers represented by Wuling Auto, Ankai Futian Shuguang Axle and Yihe Axle. The company has been focusing on the cultivation of R&D team as well as its own technical experience accumulation, successfully many mastered proprietary technologies or core technologies with independent intellectual property patents including brake pressure boosting technology, automatic brake clearance adjustment and compensation technology, high-performance friction materials manufacturing technology, axle assembly and parts production and assembly technology. The company has a total annual production processing and assembly capacity of over 200 million sets for its main products - automobile brake systems and parts, axle assemblies and parts.

      As an emerging force of brake systems industry, the company will be long-term market-oriented, innovation and manufacturing-based, to vigorously implement the talent strategy, for the purpose of "establishing a century-old Huarui", keeping improving the company’s core competitiveness, and gradually carrying out three-step strategic approach of “the market has me, the market uses me, and the market needs me”.

       Towering tree grows from small seed; skyscraper arises from brick. Qingdao Huarui Auto Parts has been established for 14 years. How time flies! The history has witnessed amazing development pace of Qingdao Huarui. Over the past decade, Huarui men devoted into the mission of "creating a national industry brand", adhering to the culture of "dedication and innovation" and the guidance of "pulling together", having formed a set of mindset, values, and management philosophy, and progressing with times and delivering on commitments in unified thinking. For a long time, Huarui men create "Huarui brand" image in the production of auto parts successfully by technological innovation and efficient management. "HR" brand brake radiates the market at home and abroad, with the ability of independent development, joint development, and development according to customer’s design.

      As a national high-tech company, Huarui has established a large scientific research and product development team, as well as a long-term cooperation relationship with key national research institutions and universities, so as to posses strong R&D strength. Product quality is the basis of market competition. We follow the direction of internationization, thoroughly implement the ISO/16949: 2009 quality system standards, to put product quality and company management on the international track.

      “As a saying goes, "a thousand miles begins with one step". The world view of Huarui men has no absolute rest, only change and stepping forward. "The great undertaking has a long way to go, but we can start right now." Each achievement is a start for the next step. I believe in the near future, by virtue of Huarui team that keeps improving in thought and skill, and many years of innovative mechanism and management system, Huarui must go forward, forward, and forward.

Company spirit: dedication and innovation, pulling together, and creating a national brand

Values: dedication and innovation, pulling together

Learning concept: knowledge is the ladder of human progress

Business philosophy: be a good employee, to produce quality products

Talent concept: gathering talents all over the world, to create a first-class enterprise

Service concept: sincerely cooperating with customers, being a reliable friend of customers

Quality concept: as far as the quality of products concerned, there are either 100 or 0

Awarded the title of "Advanced Grass-roots Organization" by Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2002
Awarded the title of "Excellent Advanced Grass-roots Organization" by Beiqi Foton in 2004
Won "Technical Innovation Award" from LOVOL in 2005
Named as "Top-50 Science and Technology Enterprise" of Qingdao City in 2008
Named as “High-tech Enterprise” in 2008
Established the only one "vehicle chassis integrated innovation experts workstation" in Qingdao City in 2009
Won the honorary title of first batch of Qingdao "Innovative Enterprise" in 2010
Awarded the title of "Top-10 Private Technology Enterprise" by Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2011
Awarded the title of "Advanced Cleaner Production Enterprise" by provincial and municipal departments successively in 2011
Established "strategic alliance for industrial technology innovation of braking system" in Qingdao City in 2011
Established "engineering technology Research Center" and "enterprise technology Center" in 2011 upon the approval of municipal competent department
Awarded the title of “Advanced Organization in Technology Innovation” by Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission
Awarded the honorary title of “Sample Flat of Integrating It application with Industrialization” in city level in 2011
Awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" of Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. during 2011 to 2013

1、  Brake block for automobile use

2 automatic mixing lines for automotive brake, 4 South Korea BT automated production lines, press of 400 tons made in Taiwan, 100% molding at a time; and plan to add 6 automated production lines

(1)Automatic mixing line:

Raw material bar code control, re-weigh by operators in automatic mixing process, as well as re-weigh again and heat treatment after completion of mixing; the shelves are custom-made for product placement to ensure uniform heating


(2)Automated production line: South Korea BT automatic grooving, grinding, oblique grinding, plastics powder spraying  

(3)100% Positive Mold  

Press of 400 tons imported from Taiwan, and the press is equipped with stand-alone dust, safety grating, outer insulation, air-conditioning system for operator and other devices.


1300 kinds of existing mold model, FMSI # covering 1600 kinds of different models, and a monthly capability of developing 50-100 models of new mold.


North American market: the available 1200 models of FMSI # basically cover all common vehicle models

Australian market: the available 460 models of DB # cover 90% of vehicle models

Domestic market: 536 models available in volume cover the 90% of vehicle models

European market: covering more than 500 models, and having started ECR R90 certification for 300 common models

Middle East market: covering more than 200 commonly used models


2、 Automotive stamping and welding parts

The company has a production line for automotive stamping and welding part.    

3、 Friction plate
The company has annual output of 100 million sets, a production line for friction plate and brake with an annual output of 0.5 sets     

4、 Brake production line

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